Leadership Trainings

I am Christjan Schumann, and I have grown from a specialist to a leader in a Fortune 500 company, while also developing as a leader in small businesses and volunteer projects. Through years of development, I have shaped an authentic and people-centered leadership style and acquired practical experiences that enable:

  • creating and maintaining a people-centered culture in the team
  • while preserving my authenticity and humanity
  • thereby avoiding burnout for both myself and others.

I am also a certified leadership coach offering personalized development support to leaders (for example, as part of a training program).

Christjan Schumann - strategic sparring partner and executive coach. Juhtimispartner ja juhtimiscoach.

My Trainings

Leadership trainings are primarily based on practical, people-centered leadership experience and focus on the leader as a person, team culture, and how to achieve results through people.

The trainings are intended for those who wish to develop their leadership skills with a special emphasis on a people-centered approach to avoid burnout for both themselves and others.

The target group includes leaders who have recently stepped into the role (for example, from specialist to leader) as well as experienced leaders who wish to lead their teams even more effectively.

During the trainings, exercises are conducted to help participants practically apply what they have learned. Various leadership challenges are also addressed through open discussions.

I tailor my trainings based on the needs of the client, so that participants in the training group can gain the most relevant experiences and skills. A unique feature of my offerings in the Estonian training market is that I conduct trainings in both Estonian and English.

People-Centered Leadership

The content-rich and dynamic training focuses on developing a leadership style that values the impact of leadership on people and emphasizes the importance of a trust-based culture within the team.

The training serves as an excellent introduction for participants to gain an understanding and inspiration to analyze themselves as leaders of people, to understand themselves and others as individuals, to acquire new tools, and to identify topics necessary for further development. The training is customizable according to client wishes, with in-depth exploration of topics important to the client.

Training duration: 1 day (also available as a more comprehensive 2-day version)
Group size: maximum 12 people
Language: Estonian or English

  • People-centered leadership
  • The role of the leader in a people-centered organization – leader as a culture creator
  • Engaging people and creating a team spirit
  • Foundations of team management: team building, stages of development, and basic management tools
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • One-on-one conversations
  • Introduction to coaching leadership
  • Growing as a leader – the leader’s development journey
  • Understand and be able to apply people-centered leadership, supporting and developing their team.
  • Understand and be able to fulfill the role of a leader, creating a strong team spirit and achieving results by involving people.
  • Be able to create and develop teams, based on the principles of team formation, stages of development, and basic management tools.
  • Be able to shape an effective team culture and solve leadership challenges.
  • Be able to give effective feedback and feedforward, supporting the development of themselves and their team.
  • Be able to conduct one-on-one conversations that support individual development and well-being, and create trustful relationships within the team.
  • Be familiar with the principles and tools of coaching leadership and be able to apply them practically.
  • Understand the leader’s development journey, recognizing their own opportunities for development.

One-on-One Conversations and Coaching Leadership

This more in-depth focused training is designed for leaders who wish to deepen their understanding and skills in conducting one-on-one conversations, giving feedback and feedforward, and applying coaching leadership to consciously support the development of their people while also becoming a highly valued leader themselves.

Training duration: 1 day
Group size: maximum 12 people
Language: Estonian or English

  • People-centered leadership
  • The role of the leader in a people-centered organization – leader as a culture creator
  • One-on-One conversations
  • Feedback and feedforward
  • Introduction to coaching leadership
  • Understands the role of a leader in a people-centered organization
  • Is able to conduct one-on-one conversations that support people’s development and well-being, and create trustful relationships within the team
  • Is capable of giving effective feedback and feedforward, supporting the development of themselves and their team
  • Is familiar with the principles of coaching leadership and simpler tools, and is able to apply them practically

Leader as a Culture Creator

A practical training workshop focused on developing team culture so that leaders learn to create a supportive and productive work environment. The training combines theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, enabling leaders to immediately apply what they have learned in their daily leadership work.

Training duration: 1 day
Group size: maximum 12 people
Language: Estonian or English

  • Defining team culture and its importance
  • How to shape and maintain a positive team culture
  • The role of the leader in developing culture and the importance of being a role model
  • Practical tools and techniques for creating team culture
  • Recognition and feedback systems within the team
  • Effective strategies for engaging team members
  • Strengthening team unity and cooperation
  • Skills for problem-solving and managing conflicts
  • Understands the importance of team culture and its impact on team performance
  • Is aware of their role and responsibility as a culture shaper
  • Can apply practical tools and techniques to create a positive team culture
  • Knows how to effectively recognize and provide feedback to support team development
  • Can create strategies for engaging team members and boosting motivation
  • Is prepared to solve problems and manage conflicts within the team

Leadership can be both authentic and humane

It's time to modernize leaders' skills so they have the courage to be authentic and understand and develop themselves and their people, thereby creating a humane team culture.

The value of people-centered leadership

People-centered leadership focuses on self-awareness, empathy, and engaging the team, creating a healthy and supportive work environment. This approach recognizes each team member as a valuable contributor, fostering a culture of trust, creativity, and commitment, which leads to the long-term success of the organization.

My leadership philosophy

My trainings are practical and based on experience, and they stem from my leadership principles. I encourage every leader to find their own authentic style.

A leader is foremost a human

Every leadership decision we make affects real people. Therefore, I am convinced that the most effective leaders are those who understand and respect their own humanity and that of their team.

Authentic leadership

Authenticity in leadership means honest and transparent communication, adhering to one’s convictions, and being a role model. An authentic leader is one who dares to be themselves – with their strengths and weaknesses. They dare to be vulnerable and share their lessons and experiences.

People-centered leadership

A leader who prioritizes people creates an environment where every team member feels valued. This includes recognizing individual strengths, personal development, and promoting employee well-being. The leader’s goal is to achieve results by involving people.

1:1 conversations

In my leadership practice, frequent one-on-one conversations and coaching are central tools. I believe that regular, open, and sincere conversations with team members are key to ensuring their development, motivation, and engagement.

Coaching in leadership

Coaching helps leaders understand the needs and ambitions of their team and support them on their professional and personal journey. People want to be heard and empowered to implement their ideas and achieve their goals to the extent that suits them.

Trust by default

I adhere to the principle that trust is present in the team from the beginning, so I can focus as a leader on people and results, not activities. This creates a positive and open communication environment where team members feel valued and encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts. Distrust must be earned.