Executive Coaching

As your dedicated Executive Coach, I stand beside you in your journey towards achieving exceptional leadership potential. Together, we will unlock the latent capabilities within you. Specifically, I commit to:

  • Enhancing your self-awareness, catalyzing both personal and professional growth,
  • Unveiling efficient strategies for self-management and leading others.

I deeply trust that the best solutions are already within your grasp. My mission is to provide the unbiased, steadfast support necessary to help you uncover and leverage these solutions.

Christjan Schumann - ICF member
Christjan Schumann - Executive Coach - juhtimiscoach

Christjan as your Executive Coach

As your dedicated executive coach, my mission is to foster your success. I provide a secure space where you can concentrate on your aspirations, and I assist in defining and navigating towards those goals. Consider me a supportive ally and an accountability partner, ensuring you actively progress with insightful feedback and reflections.

Qualifications: My background and qualifications make me the ideal partner for leaders. I am an Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) Level 1 certified executive coach recognized by International Coaching Federation (ICF) and an ABH-NLP certified life coach.

Realizing potential: I believe that there is an infinite potential within a person’s inner world that every leader can develop and realize. Brain plasticity – the ability to change our thought patterns and behavior – is our strongest resource. I am a testament to this potential and I am proud to be your partner in this development.

My role as an executive coach is to assist those who are looking for change and solutions and are ready to take steps on their own. Effective collaboration is based on firm values and principles that I follow in my work. If you are ready to fully open and utilize your potential, I am here to help you embark on that journey.

My background: Leveraging my technical expertise, I excel in unraveling complex patterns and issues. My propensity for forging connections enables me to swiftly grasp the client’s circumstances, facilitating pertinent inquiries.
My leadership journey, from a reticent specialist to a confident leader in tech companies and volunteer organizations, has enriched my comprehension of leadership roles and human dynamics. I focus on igniting inner motivation, firm in the belief that everyone can conquer fears and negative thinking, evolving just as I have.

In my varied roles as leader, mentor, consultant, trainer, therapist, and now a coach, I’ve served private clients and corporate leaders alike. This broad experience across sectors and leadership levels has granted me a deep understanding of the human development journey. I am committed to aiding clients who are ambitious and ready to shoulder responsibility

Experience in hypnotherapy has taught me to notice thought patterns and allows me to assess how deeply these thoughts are rooted and what change or contribution is needed to change these patterns or reach the client’s desired result.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

My Fundamental Values in Coaching

The way I work is based on fundamental values from both my own and the client’s perspective.


My approach revolves around sincere, respectful communication, promoting transparency and truth-telling for productive outcomes


I encourage embracing new ideas and experiences as they cultivate growth and bring out your unique potential


As a coach, I nurture an environment of freedom, fostering independence, creativity, and fear-free expression of thoughts and feelings


Emphasizing personal responsibility, I help clients understand the profound impact of their decisions, returning control to them


My coaching creates an authentic space where genuineness thrives, laying the foundation for trust and client openness


Built on these core values, trust with my clients is paramount. I trust in my intuition, the client’s abilities, and encourage clients to do the same

Executive Coach vs Management Partner

Unlike a partnership, the coaching experience for you is:

  • Active listening, reflecting, and providing insightful observations.
  • No guiding or teaching from my side.
  • I refrain from offering direct solutions or recommendations.

It's a tough start if there's no major ache to cure. But Christjan cracked it, helping me to understand which itch needs scratching first.

Christjan helped to turn down the noise and choose two activities that were most important in order to move faster towards the goal(s).

It was amazing journey, so right questions to lead my toughts. It helps to move on big step in my head.

It was really great to open up to someone neutral and be open. Not often do you have this chance to let yourself go and talk about whatever is inside you/bothers you.


Step 1: Free introductory call (30-60 minutes)

Step 2: Choose the package that suits you:

  • 6 months, 1 meeting per month
  • 3 months, 2 meetings per month

The duration of one coaching session is 60-90 minutes and can take place either in person or virtually.

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