Strategic Management Partner

A management partner is your personal sparring partner, whose aim is:

  • to listen to you, 
  • ask questions, 
  • and support you with experience and skills to find solutions.

The moment you need me, I am available to you, providing new perspectives, solutions, and ideas. We work together under a pay-for-access retainer contract.

My expertise lies in
  • both the field of technology 
  • and product development, 
  • as well as in areas related to business development, people management and culture.
Christjan Schumann - strategic sparring partner and executive coach. Juhtimispartner ja juhtimiscoach.

Who is it for?

Having a personal management partner suits you well if you are a CEO or founder and …

Real-life Management Partnership Success Cases

Innovative Solutions

Defined vision and strategy for a patented product, aiding in the kickstart of its development

Strategic Team Transformation

Redirected a tech CEO’s focus from daily tasks to strategic business activities, enhancing development team autonomy

Leadership Development

Mapped team satisfaction and competencies, fostering an internal leader role through systematic mentoring

Team Efficiency

Resolved team issues related to expectations and behavior, promoting improved communication and teamwork

Organizational Development

Addressed process and organizational challenges, resulting in better alignment with business goals.

Executive Recruitment

Guided a company in hiring a CTO, ensuring a strategic and effective hire

Startup Guidance

Partnered with a startup to define their MVP’s scope, initiating its development with a strategic focus

Inside the Monthly Partnership: Elevate Your Business Performance

Management Partner vs Executive Coach

Although a management partner uses coaching tools such as feedback and asking questions, it is not coaching because:

  • I am constantly available to you
  • Based on my experiences and skills, I help find practical solutions
  • I provide guidelines and, if necessary, compile development plans / strategic memos (action plans, strategic choices, process descriptions)
  • I participate as an active partner in business processes and meetings (by agreement)

Management partner does not ...

"In our journey to refine and enhance our development processes, Christjan was a great help to our team. Not only did he pinpoint areas of improvement, but his knack for asking just the right questions empowered us to develop our own solutions. Thanks to his guidance, we successfully navigated and resolved multiple bottlenecks that had previously held us back. Christjan's expertise in development management combined with his facilitative approach made all the difference. I am grateful for his contributions and look forward to future collaborations."

Jaan Saks, CEO at Zlick


Step 1: Free introductory call (60 min)

Step 2: After the introductory call, you can start a one-month pilot collaboration:

  • 2x 1h meetings within 1 month
  • Availability for solving ongoing issues

Step 3: Sign an NDA and retainer contract for continuous collaboration